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About Us

                                     Who we are, and what we do ....... differently

With over 30 years expertise and experience within the electronics industry, Nano Electronic Services is proud to be regarded as an industry leader. Every decision is inspired by our main mission, which is to provide the highest standard of product and services to our customers.


In this rapidly changing industry, we’ve realised the importance of continually updating our approach to stay relevant in the market, and are committed to just that. 

NanoES is unique in the industry in offering a range of solutions to customers looking for electronic manufacturing solutions, electronic design capability or test solutions. By working with approved and vetted third party companies, NanoES is able to identify the right partner for your products, managing the whole process for you.

Having worked for a number of electronic manufacturing companies, it's clear that a large percentage of business is done with the customer never actually visiting the factory. Even with all transactions being done via email. We still believe its a people business and people buy from people. Having sold many types of products and solutions, the people at NanoES have a good industry reputation and a wealth of contacts that can be used to support it's customers.

But what happens when the supplier is busy and the quote you finally receive the lead-time is not what you need, or the supplier is not known to you. Maybe you don't want to introduce someone brand new, but are in a bind.

NanoES bridges this gap, by representing the suppliers directly, we are able to link the customer to the supplier, by finding the best solution and using trusted partners. NanoES manages the process for you, leaving you the time to get on with more important business.

Ideal for customers who have limited resource or market knowledge, maybe you don't want to spend your time chasing suppliers, and getting quotes together. Maybe you need to have someone available part time to pick up the slack, or want to expand your supplier base.

We work on behalf of the suppliers - the same way an account manager would. But with a wider perspective on things, knowing the strengths / weakness's and changing capacities of our partners. We feel this approach gives us a unique take on things, creating the new normal is our way of thinking.

Having access to a selection of dedicated partners gives NanoES and it's customer more flexibility than working with just one, including access to a partner in Ireland, allows for NanoES to produce and ship products from Europe savings customers time and effort with regards to export issues.

                                               One Vision, One Contact, One NanoES

Reasons to use NanoES

  • You're a start-up and new to the industry and not sure who to talk to or use.

  • You're a start-up or small business and time is important to you - you just need one point of contact to organise things.

  • You are tired of waiting weeks to get a quote only to find out the CEM isn't really interested, the lead-times are too long or the pricing is way out.

  • You have different build requirements and you need more than one manufacturing partner, but would rather just deal with one contact.

  • You already have a CEM but their lead-times are getting longer and you have a new project you need built quickly.

  • You are mostly happy with your current CEM, but you haven't really got the time to find a second source.

  • You have a current CEM who always say they do prototypes, but never do - and you just need some boards made in a sensible time-frame.

  • You don't like talking to "sales people" and just want someone to be honest and talk sense.

  • You have a new project, and don't want to have to spend weeks speaking to lots of people.

  • You have an idea for a new project and would like to speak to someone who understand its costs and viability.

  • You design in-house, but need someone to help pick up a spike in work.

  • You design in-house, but need PCB layout done.

  • You have a number of products and need a simple and easy to use test solution, one test unit for all the products.

NanoES Benefits

  • Over 20 Audited UK factories in the group –  giving access to 18 SMT lines

  • 3D AOI & XRAY

  • uBGA, 0201 and 01005 capability

  • IPC Class 2 & 3

  • ISO13485

  • Test services

  • Hand assembly for prototyping / proof of concept

  • Rapid prototyping to box build, plus in-house design and PCB layout capabilities

  • Flexible supply chain, minimising capacity issues

  • Sensible quote turnaround times.

  • Hardware & Software Design Services

  • PCB Layout with Altium & Mentor

Nano Electronic Services - Terms & Conditions

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