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Having access to multiple factories, gives us the capacity and flexibility to react to changing customer requirements as well as having companies dedicated to prototyping. This means we are more than happy to build 1 or 2 boards to get a proof of concept back to the customer quickly.

Using Solder Jet Printing and Vapour Phase reflow can significantly reduce setup costs and lower build costs.

Our NanoNRE means you only pay one tooling per project, so means we can get prototypes made at a factory that is happy to do small volume and then migrate the project into production with a different factory, but you don't get charged any extra tooling.

NanoES aims to quote within 24-48 hours of the RFQ - after all you want prototypes quickly, but if the quote takes 2 weeks then it defeats the purpose of "rapid".


Why setup an SMT line for 2 to 3 prototype boards. With IPC trained technicians and desktop stencil and reflow oven's we can quickly build proof of concept boards for a fraction of the cost of an SMT build and in a fraction of the time.
The biggest cost driver for SMT is setup costs and attrition. By removing these from the equation, means we can offer a fast, competitive and reliable prototyping service.


With access to 12 UK factories, we have the capacity and flexibility to find the right partner to build small batches of boards. By kitting components at NanoES, we can avoid the delays of CEM purchasing departments and speed up the assembly process. 4 of our partners are focused on low - medium volume builds, so happy to support prototype quantities.


Sometimes you just need a few cables to go with your boards, but don't want to have to go to the trouble of creating drawings, getting the parts and building them. Why not let one of our operators build them for you from a sketch or email, allowing you to spend time on design and development


We are friendly and knowledgeable, with over 30 years of industry experience, we can get your BoM clean and tidy, and can identify alternatives without having to keep asking you for help. We'll even BoM check and identify any potential part issues for you.

We don't operate a "nice web interface", you get to deal with a human being - send the RFQ to us and we just get it done. 

With an audited network of over 20 UK suppliers, means that once prototypes are proven, we can migrate your design to NPI and production seamlessly, without you having to send out new RFQs and speak to new suppliers. By matching the project to the factory reduces supplier over reliance, minimises capacity issues and maximises flexibility

Our NanoNRE means one set of tooling charges per project, no matter how many factories are involved in the build process. 

We will also work on early revision BoMs and will support you in the early stages, helping source materials while you are still designing to ensure builds can happen

Why not consider us for your next prototype build and see how we can save you time, aggro and hopefully money. 

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