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As part of the relationship we have with our customers & suppliers, it gives us access to some interesting and unique technologies which NanoES are proud to help promote as part of our design solutions portfolio, showing the areas of technology we have experience with and could bring to new customers and markets. Working closely with our partners, we are helping shape the future of electronics, and are keen to speak to anyone who has an interesting idea or a product they might need help with promoting. As a sales & marketing agency, not only can we design and manufacture your product, we might even be able to help you find new customers too. A true end to end service.

We are proud to support innovation and design and welcome opportunities to support UK Start Ups. Contact us today to learn more.

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Flusso's new FLS110 flow sensor has been designed to provide total flexibility on how you configure and position it within your application. And it's a complete digital flow sensing solution for fast product development.

Designed for easy integration. Ideal for adding intelligent and reliable flow measurement into all your latest products.

  • Silicon-MEMS thermal mass flow sensor

  • Firmware running on a standard microcontroller delivers digital flow and differential pressure sensing solutions

  • Fully temperature-compensated readings

  • Measures to 500 slm or more in bypass flow configurations

  • Firmware-programmable operating modes and features

  • Ultra-small surface mount package

  • Fully compatible with SMD assembly processes

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