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PCB Assembly Services: Image

Here at Nano ES we work with a number of dedicated partners. NanoES is able to support a wide range of assembly requirements. We will identify the right partner for you to ensure your products are manufactured right and on time. 

Offering everything from rapid prototyping, PCB assembly through to test and box build.

We aim to respond quickly and attempt to get most quotes back within 48 hours to ensure you have the information you need in a timely manner to make a decision.

Rapid Prototyping

FACTORY 1, 2, 3, 4

With access to 10 SMT lines across our network, we are able to quickly respond to customer's requirements. In-house X-ray is available to support those tricky BGA & DFN packages.

A number of our factories specialise in lower volume builds.

Hand Assembly capability for customers looking for 1 off builds or small volumes for development. Avoiding the cost of setting up a production line.

Prototyping to Medium Batch Size

FACTORY 5, 6, 7

6 SMT lines allows for a range of volumes to be supported, from prototyping to medium volume requirements.

  • In House X Ray

  • PTH Auto Insert

  • Solder Jet Printing 

  • Vapour Phase Reflow

  • Box build capability

Conformal coating and semi automatic potting capabilities

In-house design and layout support.

Medium to High Volume Manufacturing

FACTORY 9 & 10

6 SMT lines 

  • PTH Auto Insert

  • 3D AOI and In-house X-Ray

  • Flying Probe

Box Build capability and capacity for logistics support.

PCB Assembly Services: List
Computer Circuit Board Macro


Soundboard Repair


Rapid prototyping.
MyData & Europlacer SMT for reduced wastage on small builds
Hand Assembly for 1 off or small volume prototypes
Cable Assembly & Wiring Looms
AOI and In House X Ray
IPC-A-610  Level 3 Certified
JSTD Certified
ISO 9001:2015

  • Samsung CP45NEO SMT Machines

  • MY500 Jet Printer

  • VP450 Vapour Phase

  • 0201 and 0.3mm Capability

  • Test & Box Build Capability

  • Mirtec 3D Omni AOI

  • In House X-Ray

  • Conformal Coating

  • Semi Auto Potting

  • In House Design Support

  • IPC-A-610 Level 3 Certified

  • ISO 9001:2015

Computer Circuit Board


  • Yamaha,  Mirae & MyData SMT machines

  • PTH Auto Insertion 

  • 01005 and 0.4 x 0.2mm component capability

  • Solder Jet & Vapour Phase Capability

  • 3D AOI and In House X Ray

  • Test & Box Build Capability

  • EMC Pre-compliance testing

  • UK and Offshore Manufacturing

  • Automotive Expertise & PPAP Capability

  • IPC-A-610 Level 3 Certified

  • ISO13485

  • ISO 9001:2015

PCB Assembly Services: Products
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