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The FPGA training course I did was online, it was very well presented by Adam Taylor and followed a logical progression that was easy to understand. Adam was more than willing to answer questions. The exercises were at a good level, and also followed a logical process. 


I learned a lot during the course and would recommend the course to anyone with some level of understanding with FPGAs who wants to increase the knowledge and experience of the tool chain and processes for development.

Design Engineer - Space Systems

I wasn't sure if the class was for me before starting it. Coming from the verification background, I needed some experience dealing with vivado and learning design principles of FPGAs. The class was amazing, it met all of my expectations. The course teacher, Adam Taylor was very patient and knowledgeable. He is willing to answer any questions regarding FPGAs. The best part about the course is all the labs and lectures are available to you forever and Adam mentioned that you can still reach out to him for questions. There are also more labs available on that you can follow and do for more learning. I enjoyed the class very much. 10/10.

IC Design Engineer - Semiconductors

The course teacher Adam Taylor, has extensive experience from the most advanced projects in the world. There is hardly anyone else available to learn from in such an extent, since his expertise is unique and wholesome. He is actively working on most complex projects, bringing you to the forefront of todays FPGA design methods and practical engineering skills and tips.

Electronics Engineer - Defence

The course covers a good selection of subjects on FPGA for newcomers to the industry. As well as explaining the basics of how FPGAs work and their purpose, it also gives an idea of the more advanced techniques that can be used in their development. Even people with some experience could get some ideas from here

Head of Digital Systems - Communications

Adam delivers the content with just the right pacing to cover the most important aspects of working with FPGAs. The course forms a very solid basis for then exploring the topic even deeper at your own pace using the hand-out materials and lab-exercises provided during the course.  The highest value for us was being able to discuss with Adam, who is generously sharing his experience about the best tools and strategic approaches to tackle the development of complex and often safety critical FPGA based systems. 

Embedded Systems Engineer - Healthcare

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, was at the right pace, and an ideal introduction to FPGA technology

Electronics Engineer - Industrial 

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