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Breaking the Mould

Updated: May 25, 2021

Blog #1 - starting out and looking to be different.

NanoES is a new type of company

We are striving to offer an openness and transparency that is sometimes found wanting in the electronics industry. COVID-19 has shown us that things can change, whether its for the better or not remains to be seen, but more and more companies are finding out they can have staff working from home. At NanoES we suspect this will continue for some time, being able to get out and meet people is going to be come harder, meetings will take place on Zoom or Teams, and customers won't get out to site as much. Meaning business will have to be done differently, and trust needs to be earned.

NanoES was formed from these ideas, Contract Manufacturing and the way we deal with each other is changing. Having spent nearly 5 years selling manufacturing solutions, I would say at least 75% of customers never visited my factory, yes I went to them, but maybe once or twice. Orders were given and goods delivered based on relationships and trust, trust that we would do what we said we would. If we did, then more business would follow.

The important thing is to be responsive, even if you don't have anything new to tell, at least say this. Ensure quality is provided and you do what you say you will.

NanoES plans to continue this trend, allowing engineers and buyers to focus on what they are good at, and letting us find the best solutions to fit. Working within industry to put people together, trusting that we will all be fair and reasonable.

The new normal is here, and probably to stay, so let's make the most of it, keep up the lines of communication and work together.

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