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Saving time with small volume prototyping

How often do you need to get a quick prototype knocked up, 1 or 2 boards to prove your design. Contacting your local CEM, you find its going to cost hundreds of pounds to setup the SMT line, or you wait 2 weeks to get the quote back ?

Working with a number of selected partners, NanoES can offer quick turn around PCB assembly, and are also able to hand build boards quickly and efficiently. Often as a customer you may just want 1 or 2 boards assembled to prove a design and don't want the hassle of creating a full manufacturing pack and waiting for a CEM to quote. Or even finding the time to solder the parts yourself.

NanoES recognise this need and are able to offer a hand build assembly service using IPC trained technicians, we can quickly put together your prototypes and get them back to you - often before your current supplier has even quoted for the work.

Once your boards are approved, we can help you move the build to the next stage and have NPI or production builds assembled at one of our affiliated factories, giving you a seamless transition from development to production.

With over 30 years of industry experience in both components and manufacturing we can help at the early stages, by identifying component issues, maybe suggesting alternatives or resolving queries and clearing up data inconsistencies.

Ideal for people looking to save time, or as we are told, soldering is becoming a lost art and design engineers are good at designing, not always at soldering.

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