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PCB Layout and stuff

As a high technology service provider, we are able to support customers with PCB Design & layout using Mentor PADS Professional, Mentor Xpedition and Altium Designer. We can also offer a migration service for multiple CAD systems into PADS Professional (EDIF, Altium, P-Cad, Cadstar, Orcad, Eagle, PADS Logic, Concept HDL & Xpedition).

Working with selected third party companies, NanoES is able to select the best design engineer for the work involved. This ensures the customer gets the best support available based on the needs and demands of the application.

By supporting customers with design and layout, and working closely with production engineering, means that prototypes can be produced quickly and efficiently.

Sometimes you just don't have the time to do a layout, more important things to do, like watch I'm a Celeb, so let someone else take the strain. NanoES have the people who have nothing much else to do apart from design work.

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